Wild Spirit, welcome!

If you’re here, you’re already part of the transformation. I honor your presence, celebrate your courage to explore your depths, and re-affirm that choosing yourself first is the way we birth the New Earth. Together.

Since 2013 I’ve been through multiple physical, emotional, and spiritual initiations + processes + trainings that have equipped me with the tools and Magic to guide others in their own journey. Rather than interrupting your process, I hold you as you birth your inner healer and shift your vibration to attract what you truly deserve. The more you can keep coming home to yourself, the more joy and abundance you will receive.

I truly believe there’s a reason we crossed paths, there are no coincidences, and The Universe is supporting our journeys as we weave our stories together. I look forward to learning and connecting with you.

Healing the Sacred Feminine to Empower.
Guiding women to remember. Shifting old paradigms.

Welcome to the Infinite Circle, the one that knows no borders, time zones,
or nationalities. We are all ONE and united we shall rise.

Holding space for others is my Dharma -

I combine science-based practices with shamanic energetic healing modalities to walk with you back to your Soul Home. Integrating your shadow, "deeprogramming” your mind, healing from within, and finding your true purpose. Flow with me in a Yoga class, remember your Feminine Powers through a Womb Healing session, deepen your Spiritual path in the 1:1 program, or sign-up for our first signature program, UNBECOMING.

"She is not afraid of the darkest dark, in fact she can see in the dark."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

My story is my wisdom and so it’s yours.

Find my conscious brain-dumps on subjects like modern medicine, wellbeing, and the
spiritual world combined with Astrology and collective healing messages.

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*Human includes male, female, transgender, cisgender, and gender non-conforming.

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